Heritage hotels in India

2022-04-22 16:56:17

Heritage hotels are built by converting ancient forts, mansions, and palaces of the erstwhile royal families of India into a Grand Hotel. 

Earlier, these were built by their monarchs or nobles within the sort of their residences. These houses, for hundreds of years, were known for their impeccable hospitality to royal guests. After independence, the upkeep of such large buildings became difficult. For an extended time, dozens of such sites were left unattended. After realizing its value, the concept of Heritage hotels came into existence. Today, although some hotels are owned by the royalty itself, others are offered to major hotels chains on the lease who have now become the modern-day caretakers. 

These Heritage Hotel chains in India retain these Majestic buildings in such how that their beauty doesn\'t seem to be but what it had been during their growing days. The regal feel is preserved through traditional decoration, personalized hospitality, artifacts, and other memorable experiences. 

As these Heritage Hotels are royal palaces, the sweetness of the buildings is analogous to an outsized courtyard, ornamented balconies, open rooms, royal look furniture and fixtures and suites, dedicated staff, rich delicacies, and more. Warm flawless hospitality has always been some extent of attraction for ages and these precious heritage hotels of India are following an equivalent unwritten tradition. 

Why choose those hotels? 

  1.  You will get a chance to live a life king size and experience the royal treatment. 
  2.  Heritage hotels in India have a royal menu to serve their guests.
  3.  In most of these heritage hotels, food is cooked and served in authentic style. 
  4.  Grab your chance to dine in the huge durbar halls. 
  5. The interiors and the ambiance in every room and suite are designed to give you a royal feeling. 
  6.  Above all, you are getting a chance to stay in the actual palace where once kings had their home.
  7. Elephant rides and horse rides for nearby site seeing along with the men and women dressed in traditional attire following you to cater to your needs on the spot are all the part of your stay at such hotels. 

Heritage Hotels of royal India can be seen in 37 destinations across India and there are about 40 such hotels.